Cate Blanchett And Sarah Paulson Absolutely Lose It During Live Interview

In case you needed another reason to go see "Ocean's 8."

The “Ocean’s 8” press tour is the gift that keeps on giving, and our latest blessing from the all-star cast is this off-the-wall interview with Cate Blanchett and Sarah Paulson

The two actresses might be known for their serious, dramatic work ― they starred together in “Carol,” after all ― but they could barely keep it together when they sat down with Hoda Kotb for the “Today” show on Tuesday morning.

“We’ve been sitting here since 4,” Blanchett said, kicking off the interview before Paulson interrupts her. 

 “We’re having a hard time,” the “American Horror Story” star joked. 

The duo proceeded to gloriously rip on each other, touching on everything from Paulson’s need for a stylist (“I got it from your mother”) to poking fun about their various accolades. Blanchett, of course, has picked up multiple Academy Awards over her career, while Paulson only has an Emmy.

“Sandy and I ― we all wrote letters saying please give her something because when it comes around to publicizing the movie,” Blanchett teased about Paulson’s lack of a little gold statue before bursting into laughter.

The interview never goes back on the rails, and at a certain point, Kotb recruits co-host Savannah Guthrie to intervene, which prompts Blanchett to actually sit on Paulson’s lap. 

What did we do to deserve these two? 



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