Caterpillar Stew Found Cooking In Shop In Aubervilliers, France; Police Shut Down Location

Caterpillar Stew? French Police Say

French health inspectors got a surprise when they visited a market and eatery outside Paris Tuesday night.

During a routine check, inspectors uncovered a pot of curious meat boiling on a stove of the Aubervilliers store. Upon further investigation, the officers discovered the contents of the pot were actually a caterpillar stew.

According to the Agence France-Presse, inspectors tossed three hundred kilos (about 661 pounds) of the meat when they could not determine its origin. French police later closed the shop, citing hygiene violations.

Local French-language media described the store as an African grocery that was licensed to only sell drinks and take-out dishes, according to translations by The Huffington Post.

Caterpillar stew may seem like an odd choice of cuisine. However, as noted by English-language French news site The Local, dishes containing caterpillar meat are quite common in some African countries.

France is still reeling from another strange meat scandal that has affected countless grocery stores and restaurants across Europe.

Frozen food companies and supermarket chains have been forced to recall dozens of beef products after they tested positive for horse meat. Originally from Romania, the horse meat is believed to have been mislabeled somewhere along the food supply chain.

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