Catey Shaw's New 'Brooklyn EP' Proves She's Not Some Hipster Gimmick

Earlier this summer, Virginia-born singer-songwriter Catey Shaw released a video called "Brooklyn Girls," celebrating her new home and the women who reside there. The track sparked an Internet freakout, with many media organizations hurling insults at her; Mashable even called her the "Rebecca Black of Brooklyn."

But now, Shaw has answered her haters and lovers alike with a new EP, entitled "The Brooklyn EP." Premiering exclusively on The Huffington Post, Shaw's release proves she's not a hipster gimmick, but an artist to be taken seriously.

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"It's a very emotional release for me," Shaw told HuffPost. "I've carried many of these songs with me for years, waiting for the right time to share them."

Shaw remains sharp amid the seven, ukelele-laced tracks. The opener, "Human Contact," is a cheeky take on dancing your way through a lovers' spat. The track "Run, Run, Run," about being broke at age 21, serves as a kind of witty preamble to Taylor Swift's hit "22."

However, Shaw may be strongest when she slows down. "Night Go Slow" and "Outerspace," odes to a beloved, manage to feel sincere but not forced. "Doesn't the night go slow, when we are here alone?" Shaw croons in the former.

Lastly, what's appealing about Shaw is that she's in her own driver's seat: She co-directed the video for "Human Contact" (below) and painted the album artwork for each track.

"The Brooklyn EP" will be out on Sept. 9. You can preorder it, here.



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