Catfish Getting Kicked Out Of Pond For Eating Ducklings

The fish, which lives in a German city, apparently ate all the other fish before moving on to ducklings.
Actual duckling-eating catfish not pictured.
Actual duckling-eating catfish not pictured.
Apriori1 via Getty Images

BERLIN (AP) — A German city is looking for a way to get rid of a giant catfish that is believed to have developed a taste for ducklings after eating all of its fellow fish in the municipal pond.

The roughly 1.5-meter (4.9-foot) fish has been making waves in Offenbach, near Frankfurt. News agency dpa reported that the city government said Monday that it has found a professional angler to catch the fish, first seen about a year ago, but a formal contract has yet to be signed.

The city plans to have its unwelcome guest caught alive and taken to a private pond somewhere, but officials will first have to be satisfied that it can’t escape into flowing water and that its new home is suitable for a catfish.

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