Getting Impaled By Catfish Totally Ruins Woman’s Beach Day

This catfish is even worse than that MTV show.

A tourist swimming at a Brazilian beach had a vacation memory she'll never forget: A catfish embedded itself in her stomach.

The unidentified woman was swimming off the shores of Itanhaém this past weekend when a catfish swam near her.

Catfish spines sting and can lock in place when a fish feels threatened. Removing the spines without further injuring the impaled can be a challenge, the Independent reports. 

A witness who was on the beach when the accident happened told that the victim ran out of the ocean screaming for help.

An ambulance team was called to the scene. One of the EMTs, Marcelo Araujo Tamada, posted photos of the catfish spines stuck in the woman's belly on Facebook.

Tamada told that the victim was taken to a hospital to have the spines removed.

She is reportedly recovering from the painful ordeal.

Need proof that being impaled by a catfish isn't exactly the cat's meow? Take a look at this 2012 video showing what happens when one gets stuck in one woman's leg.

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