'Catfish: The TV Show': Nev Almost Hit By Angry Catfisher On A Crusade (VIDEO)

It was a "catfish" with an interesting twist on a special episode of "Catfish: The TV Show" that aired before the VMAs on MTV. Artis had been talking to a girl online named Jess for the past six months. But Artis was also in a long-term committed relationship with another woman -- and they even had kids together.

Still, Nev Schulman and Max Joseph did some digging on Artis' behalf into this "Jess" person. They quickly found her photo on porn sites. Knowing something was up, they set up a meet. But when they got there, it was "Jess" who immediately got aggressive. So much so that Nev almost got hit during the confrontation.

"Jess" turned out to be Justin and he immediately tried to take control of the meeting, shushing Nev. "I’m going to be the one wearing the pants in this sh*t,” he said.

“I’m just asking you to take it down a couple of notches," Nev told him. "You brought a lot of attitude.”

Justin brought a lot of attitude, because he's on a strange kind of crusade. He said he created the "Jess" profile to punish men who were cheating on their significant others, like Artis. He seemed to enjoy toying with them and getting them involved with "Jess" to prove a point.

MTV's Matthew Scott Donnelly noted the bizarre role-reversal. “Justin, the Facebook account's puppeteer, looked ready to tear Artis apart when he finally got the chance to meet him," he wrote. "This was a first -- the catfish being the angry participant!

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