'Catfish: The TV Show': Woman Was Planning Wedding With Man Who Lied About Everything (VIDEO)

'Catfish': Planning Wedding With Man Who Lied About Everything

It was another case of online deception on "Catfish: The TV Show," though again it didn't seem malicious. Instead, it's kind of sad. Trina was an exotic dancer who thought she was going to meet another exotic dancer named Scorpio.

The two had been talking online for a year, fell in love and were discussing marriage. All of this without having ever met in person or even video chatted. When Trina finally met him, she saw that Scorpio was Lee, and he wasn't the man he'd purported to be.

"So, everything was a lie, basically," she lamented.

"I just wanted to get to know you, and I thought -- I’m not sure what I was thinking," Lee responded. It seems to be a common refrain from those people who are caught misrepresenting themselves on line. They're not trying to hurt anyone, and they have no idea why they let the lies get so out of control.

"Scorpio" had lied about being a dancer, said he was 27 when he’s actually 32, and he had four kids when he said he had two. Trina and Lee actually met up again. He told her he just got caught up and didn’t know how to tell her.

HuffPost has some advice for those who are online dating to avoid getting caught in a "Catfish" tangle. "One rule of thumb: after about six emails, arrange to meet up.

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