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'Catfish: The TV Show': A Happy Ending, Despite Bizarre Arrest Record (VIDEO)


For once, there was some honesty on "Catfish: The TV Show." But of course, there wasn't total honesty. The show's latest episode told the story of Rico and the man he'd been talking to online for years. Ja'Mari had told Rico he was a successful model, and even sent along some pictures. The pictures actually proved to be of Ja'Mari, but the modeling career was a fabrication.

Rico was pushing for the truth because he was facing a difficult decision. His mother back in the UK was ill and Rico was considering moving there to help care for her. So he wanted to see if anything could happen with Ja'Mari. But while he was happy to see that Ja'Mari looked exactly as he thought he would, but he wasn't who he thought he was. Ja'Mari wasn't even his real name.

His real name was James, and he'd spent two years in jail for committing a bizarre crime. James had stolen three different buses and driven them on their routes. He explained to Rico that he hadn't committed the crimes, but because he'd been an advocate for a bus route in his community, people assumed it had to have been him.

The couple was able to get past James' deception and are still happily in a relationship. Rico's mother is in better health, as well, making this the happiest episode of the show yet. As for what James is doing now -- he's a bus driver, having gotten his certificate while in jail.

See more stories of online lies with "Catfish: The TV Show," Mondays at 11 p.m. EST on MTV.

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