Catherine Baucom, Surgeon, Avoids Traffic Jam By Riding Child's Bike To Operating Room

When a a multi-vehicle crash caused a serious traffic jam on a Louisiana highway on Wednesday morning, it also jammed up the plans of surgeon Dr. Catherine Baucom.

She was due in the operating room at BRASS Surgery Center, but gridlock caused by the accident made it impossible for her to make it on time -- in her car anyway.

Luckily, Baucom remembered a friend that lived nearby, and according to WAFB-TV, she was able to make to his Baton Rouge house and ask to borrow a bike.

Baucom, who is nearly 6 feet tall, had to settle for a bike owned by her friend's 7-year-old daughter, WAFB-TV reported.

When Baucom made it back to Interstate-10, she explained her predicament to officers who gave her an escort to the hospital, and she met her patient right on time.

The accident that stopped Baucom occurred when a car flipped on the interstate and a tanker truck carrying flammable liquids was rear-ended by another 18-wheeler carrying beer, WFMB-TV reported.



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