Catherine Ferguson Academy Farm Animals Killed By Dog Attack, Michigan Humane Society Says

Animal lovers were shocked by the slaughter of more than a dozen farm animals at a Detroit charter school for young mothers and pregnant teens last week -- and residents worried that a violent individual might be on the loose in the neighborhood.

The Michigan Humane Society's Cruelty Investigation Department investigated the killings, which were discovered Friday at the Catherine Ferguson Academy on the 2700 block of Selden in Detroit. On Tuesday, the group released some grim but reassuring findings.

"The veterinarian who examined them is very familiar with dog bites," Mark Ramos, the team's senior investigator told The Huffington Post. "She is considered an expert on dog fighting. ... Their wounds are consistent with dog bites."

Five goats and eight chickens were killed at the school, while two more chickens were injured in the attacks. The animals were part of an urban farm linked to the school's curriculum. The Michigan Humane Society said a cat found dead at the scene had died prior to the incident.

Ramos said there were some holes in fencing around the school where dogs could have entered. The team is uncertain if the deaths were caused by one or multiple dogs or if a human released dogs into the area.

"It was just a shock, when we showed up and saw everything." Ramos said. "It's still pretty sad that this many animals died, especially such a violent death, but considering the alternative that humans did this -- that was pretty frightening."



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