Catherine Nelson's 'Future Memories' Are Imaginative Landscapes (PHOTOS)

'Sublime' and 'dreamlike' have been used to describe Australian artist Catherine Nelson’s imaginative “Future Memories” landscapes. Nelson takes hundreds of photographs of the natural world and assembles them into floating spheres that take the form of fantastical mini planets. Scroll down for more images.


Nelson has described her work as open to interpretation: “I personally see my work as painting rather than photography and I refer to the tradition of landscape painting: I believe that I am painting after the images taken by my camera.”

The worlds she creates are ethereal and mysterious, sometimes evoking an ominous feeling. In her “Future Memories,” as well as her other works, we are confronted with the natural world and all its raw beauty, sans human life. Cityscapes do not populate her constructions, only the enormity of the elements: a frozen-over world, thousands of floating lily pads on a pond, and an immense population of birds that almost burst at the center. Nelson reminds us about the power of imagination and what we can create out of the beauty that surrounds us.

See more of her images in the slideshow below and be sure to check out some of her other worlds here.

Catherine Nelson - Future Memories