FBI, IRS Raid Baltimore Mayor's Home And City Hall Office Amid 'Healthy Holly' Scandal

Mayor Catherine Pugh has been on indefinite leave as a corruption probe examines sales of her children's books to companies doing business with the city.

FBI and IRS agents raided the home and City Hall office of Baltimore Mayor Catherine Pugh (D) Thursday morning amid a corruption scandal involving questionable sales of her children’s books to companies with business ties to the city.

An FBI spokesman confirmed that agents had carried out search warrants. Agents could be seen at Pugh’s home, at City Hall, and at a nonprofit she ran, according to news reports.

A Baltimore Sun investigation earlier this year revealed that Pugh earned hundreds of thousands of dollars from her self-published “Healthy Holly” children’s book series, selling the books to companies seeking contracts with the city, including medical giant Kaiser Permanente.

She also sold the book to the University of Maryland Medical System, where she had been a longtime board member.

Baltimore Mayor Catherine Pugh at her inauguration in December 2016.
Baltimore Mayor Catherine Pugh at her inauguration in December 2016.

Pugh, mayor since 2016, has been on indefinite leave since April 1 after being hospitalized for pneumonia, but has vowed to return to office. Several city and state lawmakers have called for her resignation, and the state prosecutor has opened an investigation.

Acting Mayor Jack Young said Wednesday he fired three of Pugh’s aides. Several others are on paid leave.

Gov. Larry Hogan (R) on Thursday called on Pugh to resign, saying “she has lost the public trust.”

This story has been updated to include Hogan’s call for Pugh’s resignation.

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