New York

Cathie Black DENIED As Top Pick By Schools Panel: 'Not At This Time'

Gothams Schools is reporting that Cathie Black, Mayor Bloomberg's beleaguered pick for schools chancellor, has failed to get support from a panel of experts appointed by State Education Commissioner David Steiner to help him determine Black's fate:

An eight-member panel of education experts has voted to deny publishing executive Cathleen Black a waiver to become the next schools chancellor.

State education officials said that four panel members voted against granting the waiver, two voted in favor, and two voted "not at this time." They would not say how individual panel members cast their votes.

The ruling is a stunning blow to the mayor, who has spent weeks defending his decision to appoint Black, a high powered media executive with no education experience. Given her background, Black was required to receive a waiver from the city in order to serve as chancellor, but the panel's ruling today seems to have dampened her chances. The final decision in whether or not Black will be NYC's next schools chancellor is still up to Steiner, who has not yet disclosed how he will vote.

A Quinnipiac poll released Tuesday showed 47% of New Yorkers disapprove of Bloomberg's choice for schools chancellor. Of those polled who were parents of public school students, the number jumps to 62%.