Cathie Black, Former New York City Schools Chancellor, Crashes Car Into Tree After Boozy Hamptons Party

Former New York City Schools Chancellor Cathie Black struggled to leave a "boozy Bastille Day bash" Saturday, crashing her SUV into a tree upon her departure, the New York Post reports.

Black and her passenger were not injured, and the ex-chancellor's publicists insists that she was neither incapacitated nor inebriated -- just that Black didn't know how to navigate the driveway.

Still, the Post reports that Black was spotted drinking at the party and that a witness said "she practically hit every tree in the driveway. One of the guests stopped her and wouldn't let her drive further."

At the Nelson Mandela Day luncheon in Manhattan Monday, The New York Observer caught up with Black, asking about her career plans post-chancellorship. She just returned from a trip in Europe and is enjoying her summer and thinking about her "next-next," she told The Observer, but employment-wise she's "not dealing with any of it in the summer!"

New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg ousted Black as chancellor in April after just three months in the position. The move was "in the city's best interest," Bloomberg said at the time.

Black's tenure was marked by low approval ratings and an instance during which she quipped that birth control could solve school overcrowding. She questioned after the oust whether sexism was a factor in deciding her departure.