Cathleen Miller, Chicago Ridge Mom, Gets 10 Years For Sex With Daughter's Friends

Mom Gets Ten Years For Sex With Her Daughter's High School Friends

A mom in the Chicago suburbs was sentenced to ten years in prison for having sex with several teenage boys who were friends with her oldest daughter.

Cathleen Miller, 40, of Chicago Ridge, pled guilty in court Friday. She was arrested in July of 2010, and accused of providing alcohol and marijuana to three high school freshmen. According to news reports, she got the boys intoxicated and then molested them -- abuse that included intercourse, oral sex, and fondling.

FOX Chicago reported at the time that the string of sex acts ended when Miller's daughter walked in on her mother having sex with a male friend of hers. The friend later posted an apology on the daughter's Facebook wall, which his parents later saw. They alerted authorities to what they'd seen, which prompted an investigation.

Miller was separating from her husband before her arrest, and her attorney, John Russell, said that she had been the victim of domestic abuse. "She does need some serious treatment involving some psychiatric issues that have developed," he said.

She checked herself into a hospital after police began investigating her involvement with the boys, according to today's report in the Chicago Sun-Times.

The longtime secretary for the village of Chicago Ridge, Miller received three years of jail time for each of three victims, and an additional year for abusing a fourth boy. Her three children are currently staying with her sister, as WLS reports.

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