Catholic Hospital: Fetus Not A Person - Today's Religion Reads

Today's religion reads:

-- In a malpractice lawsuit about a wrongful death, a Catholic hospital in Colorado pits itself against Catholic teaching by arguing that a fetus is not a person.

-- Is there a gender divide in secular communities? The American Secular Census examines the role and views of women and men in secular groups.

-- The Washington Post profiles the Rev. Gary Hall of the Washington National Cathedral, who has become known recently for his loud anti-gun violence activism.

-- A California couple is sueing the Church of Scientology and accusing it of fraud and deception (Tampa Bay Times).

-- In an annual message on communications, Pope Benedict XVI urges Catholics to remember that, as the Associated Press puts it, "the virtual is real."

-- I have no doubt that the Rev. James Martin, a prolific social media user, believes in that view. One of his tweets from this morning: