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Catholic Hospital: Fetus Not A Person - Today's Religion Reads

Today's religion reads: A Catholic hospital says that a fetus is not a person, secular groups examine gender divides in their communities, the priest of the "cross lobby" gets his day in in the spotlight, and Pope Benedict XVI tells us that social media is the real thing.
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Today's religion reads:

-- In a malpractice lawsuit about a wrongful death, a Catholic hospital in Colorado pits itself against Catholic teaching by arguing that a fetus is not a person.

-- Is there a gender divide in secular communities? The American Secular Census examines the role and views of women and men in secular groups.

-- The Washington Post profiles the Rev. Gary Hall of the Washington National Cathedral, who has become known recently for his loud anti-gun violence activism.

-- A California couple is sueing the Church of Scientology and accusing it of fraud and deception (Tampa Bay Times).

-- In an annual message on communications, Pope Benedict XVI urges Catholics to remember that, as the Associated Press puts it, "the virtual is real."

-- I have no doubt that the Rev. James Martin, a prolific social media user, believes in that view. One of his tweets from this morning:

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