Cathy McGowan, "The Queen Of The Mods," Inspired Twiggy (PHOTO)

It's no surprise that British TV presenter Cathy McGowan was called "Queen of the Mods." Hired as a presenter for the rock music show "Ready Steady Go" at just 20 years old, her adorable on-screen fashions made her a relatable role model to stylish teens of the time like Anna Wintour and Twiggy.

A previous employee of British magazine "Woman's Own," McGowan was captured in this 1965 photo during the prime of her television career, looking delightful in warm tones and eye-grazing fringe. Her outfit and accessories prove that you can never go wrong by sticking to one color family -- and don't you think her gilded coin purse is the perfect touch?

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Click here to see Cathy McGowan perform "I Got You Babe" with a great rock legend.

cathy mcgowan photo

Popperfoto/Getty Images

cathy mcgowan nostalgia

Art by Raydene Salinas

ModCloth Dress, Kate Spade Bangle, Anthropologie Headband, Marc Jacobs Coin Purse, Essie Nail Polish

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