Cathy Ward, 52-Year-Old 'Twihard,' Spends Thousands On 'Twilight'-Themed Tattoos

This 52-Year-Old Is Covered With 'Twilight' Tattoos

Like other so-called "Twihards" around the world, Cathy Ward really, really loves "Twilight." But she's not just any run-of-the-mill die-hard fan.

Since picking up the first book in the popular series a few years ago, the 52-year-old Briton, who will appear in an upcoming episode of Channel 4's "My Tattoo Addiction," has reportedly spent more than $10,000 to turn her own body into a walking, breathing tribute to the fantasy world and its characters.

According to the Daily Mail, Ward -- whose first tattoo was a huge portrait of several "Twilight" stars on her back -- has already spent about $13,700 on her many tattoos, and she's planning on getting even more of them.

"It's keeping me permanently broke but no matter what the cost, I am not stopping," she said, according to the news outlet.

In an interview with British news site Get Reading last year, Ward -- a self-described "Team Edward" fan -- said that her obsession with "Twilight" has had a tremendously positive impact on her life.

“The books helped me lose six-and-a-half stone [91 pounds]," she said. "I’m a hopeless romantic and I got hooked on them and while I was reading them I wasn’t eating."

To see some of Ward's tattoos, watch this 2011 YouTube video of the "Twilight" fan. (The video has been dubbed over in French.):

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