Cats And Dogs Who Hate Kisses

This Valentines Day, Nobody Wants To Kiss You

Have you had a tough time with love this year? Are you spending Valentines Day drinking and staring at a cardboard box instead of smooching someone special? It could be worse. At least you have your beloved pet. The one guy or girl who will always be there to give you unconditional love and affection...right? Well, if you are like any of the people in the video above, your cat or dog doesn't want to kiss you either. Cat owners, you definitely should have seen this coming. But in case you are set on getting some love from your pet, here are six ways that your dog or cat might react:

1. Remember the five D’s of dodgeball: dodge, duck, dip, dive and dodge.

2. Making your pets watch all of that football with you has definitely taught them a thing or two about a good stiff-arm.

3. "Mr. Anderson, what good is a phone call if you're unable to speak?"

4. "You snuck a kiss in? I'm not happy about it but because I'm a dog, I'll suck it up."

5. "You snuck a kiss in? I'm a cat so that will be the last thing you ever do."

6. "No kisses for anyone else either!"

If you want to see more, watch our compilation of the best rejections at the top of the page.

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