The Truth Is, Dogs Are More Popular Than Cats On YouTube

You might think cats rule the Internet, but another animal took the top spot on YouTube's list of its most popular videos from 2014.

You might think cats rule the Internet, but another animal took the top spot on YouTube's list of its most popular videos from 2014: the spider dog.

"Mutant Giant Spider Dog" has been crowned the top trending star on YouTube for this year, beating out the horrifying "Devil Baby Attack," the "iPhone 6 Bend Test" (frightening to Apple fans, perhaps), "10 Hours of Walking in NYC As a Woman" and more. There wasn't a cat to be seen on the list, though there was another dog: Budweiser's "Puppy Love" ad from the Super Bowl.

Believe it or not, this prankster pup was the king of YouTube in 2014.

A spokeswoman for Google told The Huffington Post in an email that the "trending" data, released Tuesday, was compiled based on several criteria -- shares, "likes" and responses among them -- in an attempt to identify what "got everybody talking" in 2014. The videos were ranked according to total views. In other words, Mutant Giant Spider Dog's 113 million views beat out any other "trending" video released on the YouTube platform in 2014. The second-place video, a Nike ad, reached 98 million views, so it wasn't even a very close race.

The Mutant Giant Spider Dog video, which features a dog terrifying people by wearing a tarantula costume, was released by SA Wardega, a Polish filmmaker known for his prank videos.

While pups were featured in two of the top 10 videos on the list, no cats made the list for 2014, the year of "Grumpy Cat's Worst Christmas Ever," a Lifetime original movie starring the famously frowning feline.

Google wasn't surprised, though.

"YouTube's come a long way from just cat videos. For example, videos in the Education category get five times the views as videos in the Pets and animals category," the spokeswoman told HuffPost via email.

A new article in The New Yorker also notes that the days of the viral cat video on YouTube seem to be behind us, and YouTube search data suggests that dogs have been more popular than cats on the platform since mid-2012:

Dogs versus cats in YouTube search trends -- a spike in "dog" searches earlier this year was caused by the release of "Watch Dogs," a popular video game.

Cats were also absent from YouTube's year-end roundups in 2012 and 2013. So when people tell you all humans want is a video of a couple of cats playing with a ball, you can know with confidence that we're more than that. Apparently all we want is a dog dressed up like a spider.

The complete list of YouTube's top trending videos in 2014 is below. You can watch them, plus a special retrospective video, here :

1. Mutant Giant Spider Dog (SA Wardega)

2. Nike Football: Winner Stays. ft. Ronaldo, Neymar Jr., Rooney, Ibrahimović, Iniesta & more


4. The Voice IT | Serie 2 | Blind 2 | Suor Cristina Scuccia - #TEAMJ-AX

5. iPhone 6 Plus Bend Test

6. Bars & Melody - Simon Cowell's Golden Buzzer act | Britain's Got Talent 2014

7. Budweiser Super Bowl XLVIII Commercial -- "Puppy Love"

8. Devil Baby Attack

9. Goku vs Superman. Epic Rap Battles of History Season 3.

10. 10 Hours of Walking in NYC as a Woman

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