Cats Found Alive After Surviving 2 Weeks Beneath Earthquake Rubble

Pietro and Giorgiana join a list of heartwarming animal rescues following last month’s quake in central Italy.

Two resilient cats likely have their nine lives to thank after surviving more than two weeks trapped beneath earthquake rubble in central Italy.

Video taken by local animal rescuers captured the fortunate felines being recovered from two separate areas around the quake’s epicenter late last week.

One white and black cat named Pietro was carefully lifted from under piles of debris Thursday in the town of Amatrice after rescuers heard his faint cries, the Local reported.

It’s believed that the cat survived on just rain water and limited air after the 6.2-magnitude quake catastrophically leveled parts of central Italy on Aug. 24, killing nearly 300 people.

“He’s hurt, but alive,” said Italian animal protection agency ENPA, according to the Local.

After carefully pulling him out from the ground, rescuers spared no expense for the little guy, hooking him up to an IV and transporting him to a local veterinarian by ambulance. There, X-rays revealed that he suffered a fractured jaw.

Then, in the nearby hamlet of Illica, rescuers were canvassing the ruins of another home when they heard similar cat cries coming from underground, reported the Australian website

A search of the rubble uncovered the four-legged Giorgiana, who appeared dirty but otherwise vocal and in good condition.

Last week also saw some dramatic animal rescues. On Sept. 3, a golden retriever named Romeo was pulled from beneath a toppled building in Amatrice.

The beautiful dog appeared in excellent spirits, considering his nine days spent underground. Once on solid ground, he enthusiastically stretched his legs, wagged his tail and greeted everyone that came around.

Similarly, a cat named Gioia was also rescued after spending nine days trapped beneath rocks and other debris in Amatrice.

Gioia, whose name means “Joy” in Italian, was treated for severe dehydration.