Cats In Hats Go Viral As Etsy Artist Meredith Yarborough's Feline Chapeaus Impress The Internet (PHOTOS)

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An artist's idea to knit hats for her beloved cats has been turning many heads this week as photographs of her woolly creations go viral.

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Meredith Yarborough, a South Carolina mom of three and animal lover who sells her assortment of handmade cat hats on Etsy, said she decided last year to start knitting feline headgear out of love for her pet cats.

"I thought that creating themed and decorative headwear for them would be a fun and interesting way to share that appreciation with the rest of the world," Yarborough, whose pet cat Bullwinkle is one of the animals who models the snuggly bonnets, told the Daily Mail.

From a birthday-themed hat complete with multicolored pompoms to a conical witchy number, Yarborough's creations -- which can each take up to two days to make, she says -- have been a big hit. Since starting her business in December, she's sold more than 150 of them.

"I never imagined that my work could receive such a warm and humbling welcome. This has been a blessing to my family, and an immense honor as well," Yarborough told The Huffington Post over email on Thursday.

Cat hats are not a new viral phenomenon. From small kitty chapeaus to cats as hats, the Internet has amply demonstrated its love for the hat-cat combo before.

What do you think of cats in hats? Click through this slideshow and tell us below:

Cats in Hats

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