These 65 Cats Have Taken Over A Mobile Home, And No One Is Happy About It

That's a lot of fur balls.

A Florida woman moved out of her High Point home recently, leaving at least 65 cats behind, according to local reports. The cats have since taken over the mobile home, spurring police to step in.

Neighbors have reportedly complained to local authorities for years about the stench of cat urine.

"I'm ashamed to have people know I live next door to the cat house," resident Judith Mottram told Bay News 9.

But it wasn't until 39-year-old Kristine Pacek departed the mobile home in December, returning only to feed her clan of kitties every few days, that police decided to give her an ultimatum.

According to the Tampa Bay Times, the Hernando County Sheriff's Office recently told Pacek to remove the felines by the end of February or potentially face charges of animal neglect. The Florida woman has already received a flurry of fines totaling $7,800 for issues with the cats, police told the newspaper.

"If the conditions do not improve she could be investigated for animal mistreatment," Corporal Bert Stockton told Hernando Today earlier this month. "We at the sheriff's office are working with this lady to allow her to be the responsible party for the animals versus going in there, collecting the cats and putting the burden of 65 cats on the animal services shelter and taxpayers."

While 65 cats may seem excessive, its not the largest number of felines to live in trailer. In 2012, police declared a mobile home uninhabitable after they found 134 cats living in squalid conditions.



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