Cats Murdering Toddlers Is A Terrible Person's Dream

Did you really need more proof your kitty is a sociopath?

Love cats and hate children? Reddit comes through once again.

A trending subreddit called Cats Murdering Toddlers encourages Reddit users to post gifs and videos of felines attacking young children.

While watching the horrified faces of children being attacked by murderous cats will make you feel like a terrible person, it's impossible not to delight in sheer amusement. 

Reddit user lookmannospaces created the thread.

"I made this sub because, frankly, I find cats (and dogs and whatever) taking kids out to be damned funny," he posted yesterday, noting a sudden uptick in subscribers.

"If you're here, you probably feel the same way. Let's make this a wonderful collection of kids getting the animal beatdowns they deserve."

If Cats Murdering Toddlers isn't enough killer cat action for you today, check out Huffington Post's Kitties vs. Kiddies: An Epic Battle. Meanwhile, the battle continues on Reddit