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Cats Of Facebook: Owners Everywhere Are Taking To Social Media <em>As Their Pets</em>

If you're wondering whether the neighbors are calling you a "crazy cat lady," here's a symptom.

Cat owners -- and lots of them -- are creating feline Facebook profiles, and spending countless hours online as their pussies, in character.

These cats have their own photos, furry friends, wall posts, and interspecies relationships.

One four-legged Facebook user, Courthouse Cat Curling attended Feline State University.

In one of Kitty Finnegan recent updates, she "just ventured under the living room chair. It was a trip, let me tell you. Meow." Her listed activities include, "cuddling," "meowing," and "pooping on the floor."

Some profiles are tongue-in-cheek, some dead serious, and some just plain creepy.

It's not a new trend, but it's an important one. HuffPost Weird News sat down with one of these social media pussies for an interview. Meet Watson Hanson, a rescued stray from Pittsfield, Maine, who just went from being "in a relationship" to "single," according to her profile:

Andy Campbell: Why are cat Facebook profiles SO HOT right now?
Watson Hanson: Well, after watching birds and squirrels fight over the birdseed, what else is there to do?

What about cat privacy? What kind of owner lets their cat social network? It's dangerous out there.
Privacy? Not really a concern since I stay inside at all times. Owners? Yeah, cats don't have owners -- we have loving people who dote on us constantly.

How much time each day do you spend on Facebook?
About an hour is purrfect for me(ow)... It depends on if I've gotten my 22 hours of sleep or not.

watson hanson

Are your friends mostly humans, or pets?
Definitely humans... Most pets are jealous of other pets.

I noticed that you recently broke up with Jeter Haverly-Johndro, a dog. This is upsetting. What happened? Are you on good terms?
Not on good terms... We were together for about a month and a half... Let's face it -- he's a dog.

I should have known I couldn't trust him.

How old are you?
I'll be 3 on the 19th. Happy Birthday to ME(OW)!!

It's also important to note that Facebook profiles are supposed to be human, and Facebook can and has banned accounts that are feline (don't worry, we're not telling).

It would be a difficult feat for Facebook to ban them all, however. There are countless active cat profiles, and a simple page search yields dozens of cats.

All the players are on social networks these days: Kitty Bigellsworth, Mimi, Nibbles, Crunchy The Cat, Mr. Mean Cat (who enjoys puddles), they're all online.

The more well-to-do kittehs have taken to Instagram.

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