The 22 Best Types Of Cats, Ranked

Would the Internet even be worth checking if not for adorable feline videos? It's unclear. So as an ode to the Internet's MVP, we have scientifically compiled a list that seeks to answer the question, "Which cat is the most outstanding of them all?"

22. Felix The Cat

felix the cat

21. Mr. Bigglesworth

20. Cheshire Cat

19. Tie: Kat Williams And Cat Stevens (Yusuf Islam)

cat williams stevens

18. Cat In The Hat

17. Tom

tom and jerry cartoon

16. Snowball

15. The Aristocats

14. Sylvester

13. Katz’s Deli

katzs deli

12. Catdog

11. Cat Woman


10. Thundercats

9. Colonel Meow

colonel meow

8. Hello Kitty

7. Lil Bub

6. Garfield

5. Maru

4. Grumpy Cat

3. Nyan Cat

2. Keyboard Cat

1. And Finally, Regular Cats

cute cats