Cats vs. iPads: The Ultimate Showdown (VIDEOS)

Cats vs. iPads

Remember playing your first video game? Unwrapping that Christmas present you prayed would contain your console of choice or saving week after week for the rumble pack that would bring the gaming experience to the next level?

Well in 2011 your cat feels that too.

Everyone loves iPads -- adults, babies -- and now our pets are getting in on the action with apps designed specifically to appeal to the feline set.

With how awesome gaming is, it should really come as no surprise that cats are just as willing to hunker down with a glowing blue screen as their human counterparts, but that doesn't make the videos of them playing any less adorable.

So in that spirit, we've rounded up our favorite examples of cats and kittens going bananas for the iPad for your enjoyment.

Cats vs. iPads

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