Cats Vs. Robots: Cutest War Ever (VIDEO)


When the singularity hits, it'll end human history. Cats, on the other hand, will endure and survive.

True, these videos are but documents of the past, but they may as well be harbingers of the future.

In our first exhibit, we see a supposed family of cats when they are mere kittens, cowering in fear from their robot overlord. Harrowing as it may seem, the tyranny of the disk-launcher only fans the flame of revolution. The seeds of the resistance are sown amid the barren chaos of war.

The second video, shot months later, shows a matured pride of cats. They may be fuzzy, but they're not to be tangled with. This time, the robot assault is but an amusement.

The dreaded enemy of their youth is now their plaything.

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