These Cats Think That They're Turtles

And don't you dare tell them otherwise.

When the going gets tough, the only logical explanation is to retreat from the world and embrace your antisocial tendencies. Just ask any turtle. Or in this case, wannabe-turtle cats.

This video features various cats who have fashioned makeshift "turtle shells" out of baseball caps and presumably chosen to live out the rest of their lives as turtles. And the resemblance is uncanny.  

Cats notoriously love to curl up and hide inside of cardboard boxes to cope with stress, though it's unclear if the same impulse ever drives them to duck beneath a baseball cap when the world gets too damn crazy. 

Some of these cats may have chosen their turtle destiny, others may have had it thrust upon them by fame-seeking owners who just wanted to #doitforthevine. Either way, they look hilarious. 

You do you, turtle cats. Don't ever let society tell you what to be.  



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