13 Cats Who Will Murder You In Your Sleep

Pleasant dreams, mwahaha ...

The Internet is, like, cat central, right? But when was the last time you actually looked at a solid collection of cat photos? It's probably been a while. I'm not trying to get you hooked back on the "stuff," but we've got some really primo s**t here.

Plus, this is more of a public service than anything. These cats are planning something, we just know it. You can see it in their faces. They want you dead. And they'll stop at nothing.

Ever get the feeling your cat is plotting your demise behind your back?
"Whatever would give you that idea...?"
[continues rubbing paws together, cold and calculating]
Sometimes it's tough to tell which of your cats is evil. Sometimes not.
But don't always assume it's the mean-looking ones.
"I'm completely harmless... hehehe, HEHEHE, HAHAHA, MWAHAHAHAHAHAHA!"
You look do tired, though. You should rest.
"Don't worry, I'll stand guard while you sleep," says your cat.
But the cat will spend most of that time watching you.
"Yes, that's it... SLEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEP..."
"You won't be needing this alarm clock... ever again."
Then they'll bide their time, and wait for the perfect moment to...
STRIKE!! ... This balloon is your soft penetrable human skull!
"Practice makes... PURRRFECT! MWAHAHAHAHA!"

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