Catwoman Movie: Anne Hathaway Is Interested As Long As Christopher Nolan Is Too

Now that "The Dark Knight Rises" is out in theaters, it's time to start talking about spin-offs. Namely: When should you expect to see a Catwoman movie with Anne Hathaway in development? According to Hathaway herself, soon-ish -- provided Christopher Nolan is involved.

"If he's interested, I'm very interested," Hathaway, who plays Selina Kyle (a.k.a. Catwoman), told Digital Spy. "I think it would be lovely to see more of her, but only if it's with the right people. She lives in this Gotham City, and so it would have to be established by the people who have made this Gotham City. For me, at least."

For his part, Nolan alluded to the fact that a Catwoman spin-off could work -- though it's unclear if he would ever want to make it a reality.

“She’s an incredible character and we’re very excited to see her and hopefully we’ll leave people wanting more,” Nolan told Access Hollywood, before adding that he was "done" with the franchise and the characters.

"[But] I certainly think she deserves [another chance], she’s incredible," he added.

So! Don't hold your breath waiting for Nolan's Catwoman movie -- not that fans wouldn't want to see Nolan continue his trek through Gotham City. "The Dark Knight Rises" earned an estimated $160 million during its opening weekend, a record for 2D movies.

Watch Hathaway's full chat with Digital Spy above.

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