Catwoman Pepper Sprays Fake Ozzy Osbourne On Hollywood Boulevard (VIDEO)

Catwoman can be a tiger when she's angry.

Believe it or not, a woman who dresses up as Catwoman to pose for pictures on Hollywood Blvd. got into a literal cat fight on Feb. 2 with an Ozzy Osbourne impersonator that reportedly led to her pepper spraying the fake Ozzy and a Jack Sparrow character, according to

Catwoman -- the only name she would give to the press -- said the two characters had been pushing and bumping her all day while she was taking photos. After warning Ozzy and Jack Sparrow to stop bugging her numerous times, she finally got fed up.

"I said, 'I'm giving you fair warning. If you do not get away from me, I will spray you in the face,'" she told, adding that another character wearing an alien mask was also involved in the incident.

A man dressed as Willy Wonka, who goes by "Jason" when he's off the boulevard, corroborated Catwoman's story.

"She told him and told him and told him, and he continued to push her -- so there it was," he told

The victim -- who initial reports identified as the Jack Sparrow wannabe -- was not on the scene when police arrived. Officials for the Los Angeles Police Department say no one was taken into custody, and none of the parties was transported to the hospital.

In recent years, Hollywood Boulevard has attracted its share of aspiring performers who dress as film or TV characters and make money posing for tourists.

"We're just trying to entertain the public, take pictures with the tourists, make them happy, you know," Catwoman told "That's what we come out here for."

Tourists are allowed to tip characters, but the characters are prohibited from demanding payment for their services under Los Angeles city rules.

However, the brawl was not out of character for the costumed folks. In 2010, police started cracking down on the many costumed characters who gather on Hollywood Boulevard and pose for pictures in exchange for tips. More than 13 pop culture icons were arrested, including Spider-Man and Catwoman, according to AOL News.

Police claim the crackdown is because many of the caped crusaders weren't defending truth, justice and the American way: they were rudely demanding tips, even to the point of chasing them down the street and, otherwise, blocking pedestrian traffic near a heavily touristed area.

But many of the costumed characters' behavior is less-than-heroic. NBC LosAngeles reports that in September, a man dressed as SpongeBob SquarePants was arrested for harassing two women, and in 2009, a Spider-Man impersonator struck a man in the face and arms.

Christopher Dennis, who has been dressing as Superman since 1991, has long tried to organize his fellow characters into a union that would include training for future generations of heroes and a code of ethics.

"I really would like to have classes on how to react to aggressive tourists," Dennis told AOL News. "Sometimes people say something and I've seen some characters just snap. When that happens, I tell the characters to just say, 'Have a nice day!'"