Caught By Surprise

As Christians approach Holy Week, we know the darkness and despair that lie ahead. Betrayal. Denial. Torture. Execution.

All of these reflect the brokenness of our world. Sixteen students and two teachers lose their lives in the horrendous crash of Germanwings Flight 9525. Tornadoes leave devastation in Oklahoma. Our neighbor confides that she has cancer.

What keeps us going?

The standard answer, of course, is Easter. We believe that God raised Jesus from the dead. But no matter how often we hear it, no matter how often we say it, no matter how deeply we believe it, this good news always catches us off guard. It startles us and surprises us.

A recent conversation with a woman at Starbucks, described in the video below, reminds me of the laughter, the joy and, indeed, the hope that can be experienced when we are caught by surprise. And maybe, just maybe, if I can embrace her openness and spontaneity, I too might be able to endure the unholiness of the coming week and hear anew, "Christ is risen."