Cauliflower Rice is Having a Moment

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Google recently published their 2016 Food Trends report. It is fascinating to learn which ingredients and foods are rising stars and those declining in popularity. According to the report, several functional foods are getting a lot of attention these days including; turmeric, bone broth and cauliflower rice.

When developing recipes, I typically gain inspiration from seasonal ingredients or whatever I happen to be craving in the moment. The Google food trend report is a great tool to help me make sure they are relevant. Since cauliflower rice is having a moment, here is a recipe I developed a while back:

The following is an excerpt from my original post:

I generally avoid foods in quotes. You know, like "chicken" or "turkey". Why wouldn't someone eat real chicken if that is what they are craving or just change their diets to be naturally vegan or vegetarian? This article by Mark Bittman in the New York Times explains there are lots of vegans and vegetarians out there who may want to eat meat but are avoiding it not just for health or dietary preferences but also for environmental and/or animal cruelty concerns. Ok. Got it.

I want to eat rice. Lots of it. With beans smothered on top, fried or in a large beautiful pan of paella. Although there are no animal cruelty concerns here, it isn't great for my diet. So, I decided to try to replicate the texture and flavor with a head of cauliflower. It's not rice and I don't think you will be able to fool anyone into thinking it is however, it is pretty damn tasty and I sure felt a lot better after finishing a large plate of fried cauliflower "rice" than I would have after eating the real deal.

Click here to read more and get the recipe.

By the way, the Google report also said gluten-free cupcakes are sustained decliners. I'm not giving up those anytime soon. Oh well, you can't be trendy all of the time.