Cavalia's Odysseo Gallops Through Bicentennial Park (PHOTOS)

As of Wednesday the largest touring production in the world -- a sort of equestrian ballet -- will fill Bicentennial Park's big top for the next month.

Cavalia's Odysseo involves 10,000 tons of dirt, 80,000 gallons of water, 70 horses and 50 human performers. It looks like the sort of entertainment worthy of the royalty on Game of Thrones.

The loose storyline, which is more spectacle than theater, follows horses and humans who travel around Mongolia, the African savannah, Nordic glaciers, and Easter Island.

Cavalia founder Normand Latourelle, who was also one of the early pioneers of Cirque du Soleil, told the Miami Herald he was inspired to create Odysseo after watching three horses gallop over a hill at his Montreal farm.

When Odysseo stopped in Atlanta last month, Yelp reviewers had a mix of reactions.

One user reported "If you held a loaded gun to my sweaty, pulsing temple, forcing me to accurately and quickly tell you what this show is about, I'd ask you to tell my mama I love her. I have no idea what I just watched."

Another user did her best to describe the plot with "Cavalia Odysseo: Where Italian speaking Celtic horsemen perform Joseph Conrad's 'Heart of Darkness.'"

Other Yelpers praised Odysseo's African dancers, aerobatic acts, and stuntmen on horseback.

"This show blew me away! There were a few times when I wanted to clap in appreciation but was frozen by the beauty in front of me. The artistic display of the horses' abilities, human connection, and aerobatic talents was breathtaking."

Odysseo runs through March 25 at Bicentennial Park. Tickets cost $29.50 to $219.50.

Click below to see scenes from the show.