Cavuto: Tea Party Protests To Be "Infiltrated" By Diabolical Liberals (VIDEO)

Cavuto: Tea Party Protests To Be "Infiltrated" By Diabolical Liberals (VIDEO)

Fox News' Neil Cavuto reported Tuesday that the tax day tea party movement is being "infiltrated" by well-organized liberals out to destroy it.

"Only eight days before a nationwide tea party, some over-caffeinated crashers aiming to lay waste to it," Cavuto said. "Reports of very well-organized infiltrators trying to mix in and rain on this parade. Talk about taxing."

Cavuto's infiltrators are none other than 2008 electoral boogeyman ACORN and the Huffington Post, which has repeatedly asked readers to sign up as "citizen journalists" to help us cover the many-hundred tax day events. (Cavuto's characterization is accurate to the extent "infiltrate" is a synonym for "attend"). Fox News will also be "infiltrating" tax day tea parties with live all-day coverage in four cities.

If you're interested in helping us cover a tax day tea party, click here to sign up. Contrary to the way Cavuto puts it, we want accounts of what's happening on the ground, not counter-protest or disruption.

"How seriously do you take these threats?" Cavuto asked one of the tea party organizers he had on his show.

"Honestly, Neil, we don't take them very seriously at all."


The Huffington Post wants to have citizen journalists at as many of these events as possible. If you think you'd be interested in attending one of the Tea Parties and reporting back to us with dispatches, photos, or video, click here to sign up. We'll contact you shortly with further instructions.

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