Brazil Does Not Want Soccer Fans At Home To Hear This Annoying Noise (VIDEO)

Take a moment to appreciate those noises you hear -- the chants of the crowd, the referee's whistle, maybe even the chatter amongst the players and coaches -- while watching games during the 2014 World. Cup. Take a moment and appreciate that those noises are audible instead of the blare of vuvuzelas -- or the rattle of the caxirola.

The 2010 World Cup in South Africa was filled with the expected suspense and excitement but also the drone from those South African horns. Before the 2014 World Cup kicked off in Brazil, the government took steps to make sure its homegrown noisemaker didn't make headlines like the vuvuzela. Brazil's Ministry of Justice barred the use of the caxirola in stadiums where World Cup matches are held. The percussion instrument was created by Brazilian songwriter and producer Carlinhos Brown. A palm-sized container filled with small particles, it has a grip that looks unsettlingly like brass knuckles and rattles when shaken.

Thank you, Brazil, for having our backs -- and ears.