"CBS Evening News," "ABC World News" Hit All Time Ratings Lows

Both the "CBS Evening News" and ABC's "World News" suffered all-time ratings lows last week, the week of June 15, 2009. Both broadcast's anchors — Katie Couric and Charlie Gibson, respectively — were off for the entire week.

CBS averaged 4.89 million total viewers for its lowest total on record. Its previous low came two weeks ago when the Couric-anchored broadcast averaged 5.18 million total viewers. The broadcast was anchored by Jeff Glor on Monday and Tuesday, Harry Smith on Wednesday, Maggie Rodriguez on Thursday, and Russ Mitchell on Friday.

ABC averaged 6.42 million total viewers for its lowest total on record. George Stephanopoulos subbed for Gibson all week.

"NBC Nightly News with Brian Williams" won its 36th consecutive week with 7.75 million total viewers, though Thursday and Friday's broadcasts were omitted from the average due to US Open-related schedule changes (though, it should be noted, "Nightly" was at full coverage both nights).

The record low for both CBS and ABC suggests that the resurgence of the evening news has cooled. Earlier this year, ratings for all three broadcasts were up on the economic crisis and widespread interest in the new Obama administration.