CBS Has Screwed up Colbert's Show -- Big-Time

The biggest question about Stephen Colbert's failing late-night show is probably this:
Can he get out of his CBS contract?
This long-time Colbert fan certainly hopes so.
Given Colbert's audience, one of the more educated and discerning in media today, it's no surprise many are bailing after seeing how CBS has screwed things up with this singular talent. No surprise the show has fallen to fourth place in late night.
I don't know why, given the dismal track record of broadcast TV networks, but we had hopes Colbert would overcome these limitations, given his considerable talent.
Burt Reynolds and another stale turkey, the Butterball hot line, on the same show? Really? And Sylvester Stallone? Jesus.
How many Hollywood guests plugging movies have been forced onto Colbert's show the past few weeks?
Too many to count.
My disaffection with this CBS confection has nothing to do with the talented comedian dropping the right-wing alter ego he inhabited for nine years on Comedy Central.
I was glad to see Colbert move into something else.
Just not this mess.
What a colossal waste of talent.
I don't think I ever saw a bad "Colbert Report" show. Not one. And I rarely, if ever, missed his cable show. It's right near the top of my list of all-time TV shows.
And, yes, there have been many good bits on the CBS show, like that well-choreographed barroom "fight" with Bruce Willis last week.
But those have been too few, too far between.
CBS has blown it. I feel bad for Colbert, no matter how much CBS is paying him.
CBS has killed its golden goose.m