CBS News Pick Claimed Democrats are Bad People

Today, I learned that CBS News named Jeff Ballabon, a New York Republican activist, to serve as the Senior Vice President of Communications.

What is CBS thinking? This guy is very far out there with his partisan rhetoric.

A decade ago, I debated Ballabon in New York. I represented the Democratic Jewish community while he spoke on behalf of Republican Jews. During the debate, Ballabon claimed that, after his most recent job in Washington, he became convinced that Democrats are inherently bad people and Republicans are fundamentally good people.

What planet does this guy come from? It's astonishing that CBS News would name Ballabon to its senior management.

In fact, it is not atypical of Ballabon to use this kind of extreme partisan rhetoric. During the 2008 election, Ballabon said, "Obama is incredibly dangerous."

Ironically, Ballabon told JTA, following his new CBS News appointment, that he "always worked well with Democrats and Republicans."

The website of the Ballabon Group, where Ballabon serves as President, quotes a satisfied client saying, "When Jeff Ballabon tells you he can do something, consider it done."

Maybe Ballabon can get "it done," but perhaps CBS News can get "it done" more effectively by paying more attention when vetting its senior executives.