CBS Reporter Major Garrett Says Journalists Must 'Lock Arms' To Cover President Trump

Garrett defended CNN's Jim Acosta and his fellow journalists against a hostile administration.

In the wake of CNN Senior reporter Jim Acosta having his White House press credentials suspended, one competing journalist is defending him and the White House press corps as a whole.

CBS White House reporter Major Garrett appeared on “The Late Show” Wednesday to promote his book Mr. Trump’s Wild Ride, just hours after a press conference during which President Donald Trump got into a spat with Acosta. Garrett said this administration has forced even competing journalists to “lock arms.”

“Historically, it’s all one man, one woman, for him or herself,” Garrett said. “Now, because there is a collective sense that the president is not playacting with his attacks on the media ... there is more of an impetus to sort of lock arms.”

In the contentious press conference, Acosta had asked Trump about the administration’s rhetoric with regards to the immigrant caravan that is making its way through Mexico. The two argued and talked over each other until Acosta’s microphone was taken away. 

The CNN journalist’s press pass was suspended Wednesday evening.