CBS Sports' James Brown Says Porn Vid On His Twitter Isn't His Doing

"Obviously my account has been hacked!" he said on social media.

CBS Sports host James Brown says somebody was playing games with his Twitter account.

A link to a porn video was posted to Brown’s Twitter late Sunday, prompting the broadcaster to quickly proclaim that he’d been hacked, reports say.

The New York Daily News took a screen grab of the tweet, which included some very unsportsmanlike content. (Warning: Link is NSFW.)

The tweet remained up for about 15 minutes, according to reports.

Brown isn’t the only well-known person of late to be associated with racy material online supposedly without their knowledge.

Dougie Donnelly, a British sportscaster, said his Twitter account had been compromised after a series of sexual images showed up recently.

And Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) kicked up a fuss in September when his Twitter account “liked” a skin flick. Cruz said a staffer who had access had inadvertently hit the “like” button.