CBS Reporter Claims White House Officials Screamed And Cursed At Her (AUDIO)


A reporter for CBS claimed that White House and Department of Justice officials screamed and cursed at her due to a story she was pursuing about a controversial DOJ program.

Sharyl Attkisson, the investigative reporter for CBS, made the allegations on conservative host Laura Ingraham's radio show Tuesday. She had been looking into the so-called "Fast and Furious" operation that the Justice Department was running.

During the controversial operation "Fast and Furious" illegal guns were trafficked from the United States into Mexico so investigators could track how drug cartels and other criminals used the guns. As CBS' Bob Schieffer put it, described it, the operation became a "disaster" and the trafficked guns have been used to kill Mexican officials.

Attkisson told Ingraham that, when she broke a damning story about the operation, she got extremely aggressive pushback from the Obama administration. She said that a DOJ spokeswoman named Tracy Schmaler had yelled at her on Monday about the story, but that it was nothing compared to the way a White House spokesman named Eric Schultz had acted.

Attkisson said he had "literally screamed at me and cussed at me" about the story, and that the White House also told her that she was the only reporter not being "reasonable" about the issue.

Ingraham was, unsurprisingly, very interested in the allegations.


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