CBS, You Already Have a Very Smart, Experienced, Talented Person to Replace Bob Schieffer at Face the Nation

Besides the fact that it is about time a woman took the helm at one of these Sunday morning shows that are hosted by men (women are more than 50% of the population!!), CBS has the perfect person right in front their eyes to take over at Face the Nation! Norah O'Donnell!

And yes, of course Norah should not get the job just because she is a woman, but Norah has as much experience as any man in the news business (and more than most!). Will CBS select her? They should.... she would be getting the job only because she deserves it, she has earned it and would do a great job.

Plus, of course, she already works for CBS so they don't have to go on some long talent hunt.

PS - She also knows everyone in the business so she can book guests...that's a huge plus in TV news.