YouTube Users Unite For CeCe McDonald

A group of YouTube users recently came together to produce this incredible video tribute to CeCe McDonald.

McDonald, a transgender woman of color who was incarcerated in a men's prison until being released early on Jan. 13, was controversially sentenced to 41 months for second degree manslaughter after, she claims, defending herself against a racist and transphobic attack.

"In 2012, I asked YouTubers to be part of a video demanding the freedom of CeCe McDonald," YouTube user ChannelRichard states in the video. "In an open letter, the video called for a pardon of CeCe's unjust prison sentence. This approach, however, did not end up serving her best interests. So I held the video for the day I could share it with her, along with the love and support of those involved."

Check out the incredible video above. For more information about McDonald, check out the film transgender actress Laverne Cox is currently producing titled "Free CeCe."

To hear more from McDonald herself check out the previous interview with her below.



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