Cecile Richards Makes The Case For Planned Parenthood Dressed In All Red

Women are wearing red in solidarity with "A Day Without A Woman."

Amidst the Congress’s proposed reforms to the Affordable Care Act, Cecile Richards went on “CBS This Morning” to go to bat for Planned Parenthood. And in honor of International Women’s Day and the Day Without a Woman, she did so in a striking red dress.

Richards’ decision to wear red on Wednesday is surely a nod to the women around the world who are going on strike as a part of the Day Without a Woman ― those who aren’t striking, like Richards, are wearing red in an act of solidarity. 

The Planned Parenthood president made the case for the health care organization to CBS’s Gayle King ― also notably sporting a red dress ― on Wednesday morning, just two days after House Republicans unveiled the proposed changes

“Two and a half million women come to us every year for health care services...We simply won’t turn out backs on American women,” Richards said. 

King followed up on Richards’ comments by asking if Congress’s intentions to defund Planned Parenthood are part of a “war on women.”

“It’s a definitely a war on women’s health care,” Richards responded. “Planned Parenthood operates just like every other hospital...and yet we are the only organization that’s been singled out by the Congress. We are the only national women’s health care provider and we are extremely popular...we’re a lot more popular than Congress.”


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