Cecile Richards: 'A Woman Voting For Ted Cruz Is Like A Chicken Voting For Colonel Sanders'

Cluck that guy 🐔

On Monday, Planned Parenthood president and Hillary Clinton supporter Cecile Richards made the case for why Republican presidential candidate Ted Cruz does not deserve women's votes.

"A woman voting for Ted Cruz is like a chicken voting for Colonel Sanders," Richards said at a Clinton rally in New York, as New Yorkers prepare to visit the polls on Tuesday. (Richards used the same analogy in 2008 when referring to former presidential hopeful John McCain.) 

Richards' comparison is hauntingly accurate: Judging from the policies he supports, Ted Cruz cares about the lives of women about as much as The Colonel cares about the lives of chickens.

Cruz has consistently supported legislation to defund Planned Parenthood; he opposed the Violence Against Women Act, and its comprehensive reauthorization that included the protection of LGBT, Native American and undocumented women, as well as women on college campuses; he has accepted endorsements from religious fanatics who think abortion providers should be killed, and he has supported legislation that would allow employers to discriminate against women based on their reproductive health choices.  

We're with Richards on this one -- "The Colonel" analogy is pretty fitting.  



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