Cecily Strong's Jeanine Pirro Gets Her Rocks Off Over Mueller Report On 'Weekend Update'

Trump "smells like steak and complimentary bathroom cologne," percolating "Pirro" tells Colin Jost.

Saturday Night Live’s” version of Jeanine Pirro, played by Cecily Strong, was so excited about what we know so far about special counsel Robert Mueller’s report that she got positively turned on. 

“This Mueller report completely exonerated the president and therefore everybody on the Trump train. Woo woo!” Strong’s Pirro whooped on the “Weekend Update” segment.

It’s “crystal clear!” she nearly screamed. “No collusion, no obstruction. The report concludes that the president is 35 years old and 175 pounds. He’s got the rugged good looks of Bradley Cooper and he smells like steak and complimentary bathroom cologne. And he’s a USDA-certified sex machine who can wax that ass from dusk until dawn.”

When host Colin Jost mentioned that President Donald Trump might “completely close the border with Mexico,” a completely overcome Pirro fell off her chair. Reappearing, she explained: “Oh, I just get so damn excited about Trump unleashed. Whoa, mama!”

See what it looks like in the video above.