Cecily Strong's Shrill, Drunken Jeanine Pirro Swamps 'Weekend Update' On 'SNL'

In "Pirro's" drinking game, she takes a swig every time Donald Trump ignores a congressional subpoena.

Cecily Strong’s crazed version of shouting Fox News host Jeanine Pirro was more bonkers than ever as she sipped from a martini glass, super-gushed about President Donald Trump and sprayed “gin” on “Weekend Update’s” Colin Jost.

Donald Trump is a class act,” she told Jost during the “Saturday Night Live” segment. “He is the Michael Jordan of presidents and the Wesley Snipes of taxes. He’s a wiz in the boardroom and sometimes whizzes a little in the bedroom.”

Asked if she had been drinking, she responded: “Colin, I haven’t been drinking. I currently am drinking” — and pulled out the martini glass. In her drinking game, “Pirro” takes a swig each time Trump “ignores a congressional subpoena.”

“Let me tell you, mama” was getting pretty sloshed, Strong slurred.

Every bit of potentially bad news about Trump Jost brought up — like the prospect that special counsel Robert Mueller could still testify before Congress about his report on Russan interference in the 2016 election — brought a booze shower for Jost.

And mention of the “I” word nearly drove “Pirro” over the edge. “Impeachment would be crazy,” she shouted. “That is the last resort of the loopy, loco left who hate this president and his thick, mac daddy energy.”

Jost responded: “What are you talking about?”