Cee Lo's Cat: 'Voice' Judge Talks About Pet Purrfect

Perhaps the biggest breakout star of "The Voice" this season has been Cee Lo Green's cat Purrfect. She's practically become the fifth member of the judges panel, periodically appearing on Cee Lo's lap in promos, with him backstage and sometimes, during interview portions of the show. Even though she wasn't there herself, Purrfect was the center of attention on "Live! With Kelly," (weekdays on ABC) as well. Guest Nicole Richie beamed about the sublime weirdness of the cat's presence and Cee Lo, who Kelly Ripa and guest co-host Kyle McLachlan also interviewed, provided a few details about his feline friend.

Richie started the conversation off by marveling at the Dr. Evil-esque strangeness that Purrfect's presence brings to the show. "I love 'The Voice.' I think the star is Cee Lo's kitty cat that he strokes," she professed. "But like, as someone who watches it, there's no explanation, just out of nowhere there's a white cat that he starts stroking? It's amazing. I want to come on shows and just have a cat and not discuss it ... It's genius," she gushed.

When Cee Lo came out later for his interview, he shared some details about the cat's rise to fame. "Quickly she's become quite a character: 40,000 Twitter followers, she's dating aggressive male cats," he joked. When Ripa asked him if Purrfect was tweeting for herself, Cee Lo quipped that she does it from an "iPawd."

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